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The brake van (also known as the guard's van or caboose in the US narration) is an important part of every goods train.


A brake van is added to the back of a goods train and a guard rides in it. Each brake van is equipped with a strong brake to assist with slowing and stopping the train. From here, the guard can keep an eye on the train in case of problems, such as hot axle boxes, or trucks becoming uncoupled while running.

Technical Details


Several different types of standard gauge brake vans have been seen on the North Western Railway: BR Standard 20 Ton vans, NER 20 Ton vans, Southern Railway 25 Ton "Pillbox" vans, LMS 20 Ton vans, GWR "Toads" and narrow gauge Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway vans scaled up to standard gauge (albeit still carrying narrow gauge "chopper"-type couplings and lacking buffers).

The Sodor Line caboose is based on a North American railroad caboose.


Each brake van has a specific livery:

  • The BR brake vans are painted grey, brown, blue and orange.
  • The NE brake vans are painted grey.
  • The SR brake vans are painted grey, cream and dark green.
  • The LMS brake vans are painted dull orange.
  • The W&LL brake vans are painted grey.
  • The Sodor Line Caboose is painted red with white lettering.



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