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"He thinks if he works twice as fast, the Fat Controller won't replace him with a... big new fancy crane."
"Replace him with a what?"
"A big new fancy crane."
"A big shoe zebra plane?"
"No, a big new fancy crane."
"A pig stew dancing lane?"
"A BIG... NEW... FANCY... CRANE!!!
— Salty whispering to Edward

Cranky at the End of the Line is the eighth episode of the twenty-first season.


After Cranky is teased about his age, he works twice as hard and through the night to impress the Fat Controller. But the harder he works, the more mistakes he makes. When a big, new, shiny crane arrives, he thinks that his days at Brendam Docks are over!







  • Going by production order, this is the ninth episode of the twenty-first season.
  • When Cranky makes a mess in front of the Fat Controller, Salty and the Fat Controller have soundbytes from the nineteenth season episodes Who's Geoffrey? and The Beast of Sodor reused respectively.
  • The rail section Carly is situated on was previously seen in the episode Stuck in Gear prior to her debut.
  • When Porter said "Creaky Cranky", it could be a reference to the thirteenth season episode with the same name.


  • David Menkin is not credited in the UK credits for voicing Porter.
  • Steven Kynman is credited in the UK credits despite none of his characters speaking in that dub. This is likely because he was supposed to voice Porter in the UK version of the episode.
  • A section of Carly's rails runs underneath Big Mickey, which would prevent her using it.