"Hello, dear Percy!"
— Gordon

Everyone's Friend is a magazine story.


Edward steamed into the Main Station where Gordon was looking grumpier than ever! He explains that he's not very liked and Edward tells him that he should try being nice for a change. Gordon decided to put this to the test and soon met Thomas. He asked Thomas how he was feeling. This surprised Thomas so much that he ran into some buffers and sent the eggs in his truck flying over the Fat Controller. Later, Gordon tooted "hello" to Diesel, who was so surprised that he came off the rails and landed in a lake! Next, he met Percy who was so surprised at Gordon's cheery greeting that he jerked his truck of toys; sending all the Jack-in-the-Boxes bouncing!

Upset, Gordon chuffed back to his shed. He decided that everyone expects him to be grumpy. Then, Gordon is surrounded by a crowd of people cheering. They had seen all the funny things that had happened whilst Gordon was around. Gordon is surprised that he is everyone's friend after all!



  • In some magazine adaptations, the reader can colour in Mavis and Gordon, and draw a face for Gordon also.


  • The upper part of Percy's coal bunker is green.