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"Thomas! Quick! Go and get help!"
— Farmer Finney, Terence Breaks the Ice, twenty-first season




Farmer Finney

Farmer Finney is Terence's driver. He owns a battery farm and a barn.


Once, James picked up a special load of eggs from a battery farm. James' driver explained how battering worked and that the eggs were for the children. When some chickens strayed onto the track and his trucks broke, Farmer Finney and Terence helped deliver the load to the school while help arrived.


Railway Series

Television Series

He will appear in the twenty-third season.


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  • Despite not having any speaking roles in the television series, his name was revealed in the 1996 annual story, James Gets Cracking. He also had a couple of speaking roles in the magazines, but was never referred to by name.
  • Despite being owned by Farmer Finney, Terence has also been driven by Jem Cole, Farmer McColl, and Farmer Collett.
  • Farmer Finney's television model is currently on display at Drayton Manor.