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"Farmer Trotter is waiting for you, bees. You will like living on his farm."
— Thomas, Buzzy Bees, thirteenth season

Farmer Trotter is the owner and operator of a pig farm. He also keeps bee hives and has been known to herd sheep. According to a magazine article, he also keeps cows and chickens and grows carrots and potatoes. Jem Cole, Terence and Trevor sometimes work on his farm.


Farmer Trotter is good friends with Farmer McColl and Jem Cole. He presumably worked on several other farms before he got his own farm, including Farmer McColl's and another along the Skarloey Railway. He was part of the team that found Duke and has also driven Trevor on occasion.

Farmer Trotter also has his own field which does not appear to be located near his pig farm. The field is occupied by cows which presumably belong to him.


Farmer Trotter wears a dark green waistcoat over a white t-shirt, with brown trousers and black boots.


Television Series


He was also mentioned in the Mr. Arkwright segment, Mr. Arkwright gets Ready on the Percy and the Bandstand DVD.

Magazine Stories

Voice Actors


  • In the third to fifth seasons, he was clean shaven. He gained a beard in the eleventh season and had stubble in the CGI series.
  • There is a workman that resembles him who works at the Clay Pits, but it is unknown if it is him or not.
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