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"Do it right!"
— Fergus' catchphrase

Fergus is a railway traction engine who works at the Sodor Cement Works.


Fergus primarily works at the Cement Works and is thus called "the pride of the cement works".

Before working at the cement works, Fergus worked at the quarry with Mavis, Bill and Ben. Bill and Ben immediately began to get annoyed with Fergus telling them to "Do it right", so when they brought a rock crusher, they decided to do the opposite of what he tells him to do, thus, to "Do it wrong". However, their naughty actions nearly caused them to get caught in a landslide caused by blasting and their heavy rock crusher, but Fergus managed to push them out of the way, only to end up in the rockslide himself. The twins managed to help Fergus out and apologized for their bad behavior.

Fergus, being new, got lost and ended up at The Scrapyards. Salty found him, and the two departed for home. As they passed the lighthouse, the generator broke down, and the light in the lighthouse went out. Luckily, Salty suggested Fergus to use his flywheel to power up the generator. The plan worked, and the ship managed to clear the path before it crashed into the rocks.

When the Fat Controller sent Devious Diesel to help Fergus at the cement works, Diesel soon started to find Fergus annoying with his "Do it right" attitude, so he tricked him by telling him that the Fat Controller wanted him to work at the Smelter's shed. When Fergus arrived there, he found the place very scary, and when 'Arry and Bert showed up, Fergus and his driver immediately ran away. Thomas soon found him at the Maithwaite Quarry Mine and explained that the Fat Controller was worried about him. When Thomas brought Fergus to the Fat Controller, Thomas explained Diesel's trick, so the Fat Controller "[sent] Diesel to the Smelter's" and told Fergus to go back to the cement works the following day. Fergus was still the pride of the cement works.

According to The Official Website, Fergus now has a slight but persistent cough which affects his speech, caused by working at the dusty cement works.


Fergus knows the rulebook off by heart, and his catchphrase is "Do it right!" His insistence on doing everything absolutely according to the rules can annoy the other engines, but he is a decent engine at heart and will not hesitate to help others in trouble.


Fergus is based on the Aveling and Porter 2-2-0 'T9' class railway traction engine No. 9449 "Blue Circle", which is the only one left in the world. Since Fergus' introduction, "Blue Circle" has been dressed up as Fergus on special occasions on its home line, the Battlefield Line in Leicestershire.


Fergus is painted royal blue with gold boiler bands and red wheels.


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  • According to the official website, Fergus' flywheel can be used to power tools such as a saw, drill, or pump. It has also powered a generator in the past.
  • Fergus has never been seen with a fireman.
  • In a SiF interview with Chris Lloyd, it was mentioned that Fergus' model was damaged during the filming of Bill, Ben and Fergus. His model still worked, but the flywheel couldn't turn anymore, nor could he puff steam. This may be why he never appeared after the seventh season.
  • Fergus differs slightly from his basis: his smoke box is larger to accommodate a face. His bufferbeam is also missing a large section for the same reason.
  • According to Robert Gauld-Galliers's concept art, Fergus was originally going to have oval shaped buffers.
  • Fergus incorrectly has black buffers on many of his promotional artwork.



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