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"There are lots of fish and ships here."
"I said fish and chips, not fish and ships!"
"Oops! My mistake!
— Edward to his passenger

Fish and Ships, renamed Fish and Chips in 2015, is a magazine story.


One day, Edward is making good time on his branch line, so his driver decides to stop and buy some fish and chips from a nearby shop. The next day, a different driver takes Edward. There is a lot to do, but Edward does not mind. As he sets off on his journey, 'Arry drops some scrap metal onto the tracks. Edward's crew picks up the scrap and takes it to the scrapyard for 'Arry. Soon Edward comes across Elizabeth, who has stopped on the level crossing. She has run out of coal. Edward agrees to help and his fireman gives Elizabeth two buckets of coal from the tender.

Edward speeds up, but on the way, he passes through a station. A man calls to Edward, asking if he knows the best place for fish and chips. Edward tells the man that they are going there next and offers to give him a lift. Soon Edward arrives at the harbour, where he is to shunt trucks with BoCo. When they arrive, Edward tells the man that there are lots of fish and ships here. The man laughs and states that he said fish and chips. Regardless, the man enjoys his day at the harbour and one of the skippers even gives him a fish. After work, Edward takes the man to find some chips for his fish.



  • The title is a pun of the popular British seaside meal, fish and chips.