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"Thank you for helping me today. Maybe an important engine like me needs help sometimes."
— Gordon thanking Donald and Douglas for helping him

Gordon and the Engineer, retitled Gordon and the Mechanic in American releases, is the sixth episode of the eleventh season.


The points are jammed and Gordon is asked to collect an engineer from Maron. Upon his arrival, he is told that Bertie is bringing more passengers, but Gordon is impatient and sets off with who he thinks is the engineer. Unluckily, at the signal box the "engineer" tells Gordon he is a carpenter who thought Gordon was taking him to Brendam. It appears Gordon is stranded, but Thomas suggests that Gordon reverse down his line to Maron. Gordon leaves his coaches and reverses to the next station, but Douglas is in the way. Thinking quickly, Gordon suggests Douglas reverse to the next station to get Donald to reverse to Maron, and then work forwards again. The idea works and the railway returns to normal again.




  • On the US Digital Download, Fun on the Rails Playpack and Sprout Channel airings, James has a speaking role saying, "Hurry Up, Gordon!"
  • Stock footage from Emily's Rubbish is used.
  • This is Donald and Douglas' first appearance since the seventh season, not counting a deleted scene from Edward the Great in the eighth season. This is also their only appearance in the eleventh season.
  • Going by production order, this is the second episode of the eleventh season.


  • When Gordon comes back to the signal box, he is travelling on his express line and his coaches have disappeared.
  • Donald and Douglas have Duck's whistle sound.
  • Both close-ups of the carpenter in the Express coach were the same as it can be tell that it was a rotating background panel showing the same trees.
  • Gordon said that all the engines can help though the fact it were just Donald and Douglas who attempted to help him.
  • Whenever an engine whistles no steam is emitted from the whistle. 

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
German Gordon und der Ingenieur Gordon and the Engineer
Norwegian Gordon og mekanikeren Gordon and the Engineer
Japanese ゴードンとせんろのしゅうり Gordon and Repair of the Line
Dutch Gordon en de spoorweg ingenieur Gordon and the Rail Engineer
Polish Gabryś i Inżynier Gordon and the Engineer
Spanish Gordon y el Mecánico Gordon and the Mechanic
Russian Гордон и инеженер Gordon and the Engineer
Portuguese Gordon e o Mecânico Gordon and the Mechanical
Finnish Jori ja Mekaanikko Gordon and the Engineer
Hungarian Gordon és a mérnök Gordon and the Engineer
Romanian Gordon și Inginerul Gordon and the Engineer
Czech Gordon a pan technik Gordon and Mr. Techniques
Slovak Gordon a pán technik Gordon and Mr. Techniques
Swedish Gordon och ingenjören Gordon and the Engineer
Danish Gordon og teknikeren Gordon and the Engineer
Chinese 高登和工程师 Gordon and the Engineers
Thai งานสำคัญของกอร์ดอน Gordon's Major Work

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