"Bother that Gordon! I can pull the Express just as well as silly old Gordon. I'm a much more splendid engine than him, with my fine, green paintwork!"
— Henry

Henry Helps is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Henry and Gordon are waiting in the Yard. It is Gordon's turn to pull a goods train instead of the express. Gordon warns Henry to keep on the rails with the express and Henry sulkily sets about his work. As Henry chuggs up the hill, he sees some derailed trucks - they belonged to Gordon. Soon, Cranky is called and the trucks are hastily put back onto the rails. Later, the Fat Controller thanks Henry and his driver at the Main Station. The Fat Controller tells Henry that he is a really useful engine - when he's not sulking that is!




  • In the first illustration, it is daylight, in the second and third, it is night-time, and in the final photo, it is daylight again.