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"You'll never find me! I'm the best hider ever!"
"Well I'm the best finder!
— Percy and Thomas

Hide and Peep is the fifteenth episode of the eleventh season.


A ship is taking a while to reach Brendam and to pass the time Thomas and Percy play "Hide and Peep", with Percy hiding. Cranky asked if he could play, but Thomas says that he is too tall to hide and Cranky felt left out. Percy goes to hide.

Thomas searched everywhere to find him, but Percy was good at hiding. He tires of searching for him and pretends to have found him. Percy comes out of his hiding place but sees that Thomas did not really find him. He peeped crossly that Thomas tricked him and goes to hide again. Thomas looks for him again, but pretends that Sir Topham Hatt needs him. He arrives at the Coaling Plant shouting that Sir Topham Hatt is here. Suddenly, Percy came out from the coal tipper asking Thomas where Sir Topham Hatt was, but sees that Thomas tricked him again. Thomas felt bad and promised Percy that he would not trick him again, so Percy went to hide again.

Thomas found the Dock manager instead and informs Thomas that the ship had finally docked. Thomas cannot find Percy and when he calls out to Percy that the ship has docked, he refuses to come out thinking it is another trick. Thomas arrives next to Cranky and tells him that he is not a very good finder and Cranky said he is too tall to be a good hider. When Thomas remembered that Cranky saw the ship far away, he asks Cranky for help and Cranky spies Rocky lowering Percy behind a wall. Thomas finds the little green saddle tank. Percy was surprised that Thomas found him and says he is the best finder, but Thomas admitted that he asked Cranky for help and that made Percy cross, until Thomas told him that it is time for their deliveries. They collected their deliveries and Thomas thanked Cranky saying that he is the best finder.




  • Stock footage from Gordon and the Engineer is used.
  • The title is a pun on the game "Hide and Seek".
  • S. S. Vienna and Big Mickey's models from TUGS can be seen.
  • When Thomas goes into the warehouse, Diesel's new engine from Emily and the Special Coaches is visible.
  • Going by production order, this is the first episode of the eleventh season.


  • 'Arry/Bert has Dennis' horn sound.
  • When the narrator says "steamed by sidings and wheeshed along side warehouses" Thomas appears to be travelling through the same place twice but with a different arrangement of trucks in the shots.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Norwegian Fløytegjemsel Whistle Hide and Seek
Japanese みなとのかくれんぼ Hide and Peep at Docks
Spanish Ocúltate y Mira Hide and Look
Swedish Kurragömma Hide and Seek
Finnish Piilosilla Hide and Seek
Danish Gemmeleg Hide and Seek
Russian Прячся и гуди Hiding and Goody
Hungarian Füttyös bújócska Whistler Hide and Seek
Portuguese Esconde e apita Hides and Whistles
Romanian De-a V-ați Ascunselea Hide-and-Seek
Polish Zabawa w Chowanego Peek-a-Boo
Czech Schovávaná Hide-and-Seek
German Thomas schummelt Thomas Cheats
Slovak Schovávačka Hide and Seek
Chinese 藏起来和偷看 Hide and Peek
Thai เกมซ่อนหาของโธมัส The Game of Hide and Seek with Thomas

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