James' Trucks
  • Class: BR 7 and 8 plank end-door open wagons
  • Designer: British Railways
  • Builder: British Railways
  • Built: 1948 onwards
"Look! The Fat Controller gave me some smart new trucks. They're much nicer than yours!"
— James teasing Thomas

James has eight of his own trucks. They only appeared in the ninth season episode, Thomas' New Trucks.


James received eight new blue trucks from the Fat Controller after his previous trucks started getting old and unreliable. James forced his new trucks to stay clean, but after seeing that Thomas' trucks would rather feel useful than clean, James' trucks decided to do the same and caused James to have an accident with fruit. They appear to be less troublesome than most trucks.


James' Trucks are based on BR 7 and 8 plank end-door open wagons.


The trucks are painted blue with black frames and have standard grey faces.


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