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"I'll go get help! Oh wait. I can't!"
— Philip

Philip to the Rescue is the twentieth episode of the nineteenth season.


Philip, the new diesel boxcab on the North Western Railway, continues to boast about how he won a race against Gordon. Little did Philip know, however, was that Gordon did not actually participate in the race. Gordon simply sent him racing off just so he could be left alone to rest.

One day, as he is showing Thomas how fast he can shunt in the yard, James arrives to collect a goods train, which are not the type of trains he favours pulling. Philip asks James if he saw how fast he shunted, which James was not watching. Thomas likes little Philip, but James thinks that he is just a "show-off," which Thomas finds funny that James should say such a thing.

James, completely annoyed and determined to show Philip how strong he is, assembles a long train of trucks, flatbeds carrying steel girders and oil wagons: seventeen in total. At Knapford Station, Thomas sees Philip pulling a longer train than James', though he is only pulling empty trucks. Thomas tells Edward that Philip is really cheeky, to which Edward says that reminds him of a little tank engine who wanted to see the world. Thomas blushes at this.

James now feels sorry for taking so many trucks, as they are hard to pull, especially up Gordon's hill. At last, he barely reaches the top, but as it turns out, it is harder to control them downhill. The trucks push James down the hill and around a bend. James, now balancing on the single sleepers, is in a state of panic and soon his balancing act ends, hurtling him into a bridge. He finds himself wedged against the undamaged rocks, rocking back and forth over the bottom rails.

Philip is on his way back from the quarry when he sees James, who begins to lose his balance. James warns Philip not to come any closer, then tells him to go get help. However, he slips and Philip rushes just in time to catch him with his particularly strong roof. While James is thankful, he cannot get back on the tracks on his own. Philip offers to get help, but then realises that he cannot move, not without the risk of James falling on the ground. In any case, they are both stuck.

Fortunately, James' guard telephones the Fat Controller, who sends help right away. Soon, Percy and Rocky arrive to lift James onto Rocky's flatbed. James is upset about his paint being all scratched. Once again, he thanks Philip, then apologises for accusing him of being a show-off, something that catches Philip off guard. The Fat Controller points out to James that he was in over his head with taking too many trucks and soon, Percy takes James over to the Steamworks.

At the sheds, before being sent for repairs, Philip tells the other engines at Tidmouth Sheds about what happened. He tells them that the Fat Controller said James was being a show-off, to which Edward tells him that right now, he is being a show-off. Philip agrees, but cannot help adding "yeah, but not as much as James, though." This makes all the engines laugh, except Gordon, who thinks Philip needs to get his own shed.








  • Matt Wilkinson is not credited in the UK end credits for voicing Rocky.
  • In the flashback, it takes a while for Gordon to act surprised after Philip interrupts his nap.
  • When James puffs up the hill, James' leading wheels are moving slower than the speed James is actually moving at.
  • James' buffer beam is more scratched when Rocky lifts him off of Philip compared to when James first crashed.
  • The position of James' trucks changes between the first and second shots of his accident.
  • In one shot of James going down the hill, his tender is merged with the truck behind him.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Philip al Rescate Philip to the Rescue
Japanese やっぱりやんちゃなフィリップ Still Rambunctious Philip
Polish Filip na ratunek Philip to the Rescue
Russian Филипп спешит на помощь Philip to the Rescue
Turkish Günü kurtarmak Philip Philip Saves the Day
Hungarian Philip, a megmentő Philip, the Saviour
Serbian Filip stiže u pomoć Philip Comes to Help
German Philip eilt zur Rettung Philip Rushes to the Rescue
Romanian Philip salvează situația Philip Saves the Situation
Czech Záchranář Filip Paramedic Philip
Portuguese Fillip ao resgate Philip the Rescue
Dutch Phillip, Redder in Nood Philip, Saviour in Need
French Philip à la rescousse Philip to the Rescue
Norwegian Philip trår til Philip Steps In
Slovenian Rešitelj Filip Philip the Saviour
Italian Philip alla Riscossa Philip to the Rescue

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