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Pulling Together! is a UK VHS/DVD featuring eight seventh season episodes narrated by Michael Angelis.


Thomas and Friends are back with 8 exciting new episodes never seen before on DVD/video. Join Thomas, James, Percy, Bulgy, Bill and Ben, Fergus, Gordon, Arthur, Murdoch, Harvey, Salty, Duncan, Rusty and the Fat Controller for more fun-packed adventures on the Island of Sodor. Included on this DVD/video are:


  1. The Old Bridge
  2. Bulgy Rides Again
  3. Bill, Ben and Fergus
  4. The Spotless Record
  5. Best Dressed Engine
  6. Fergus Breaks the Rules
  7. Peace and Quiet
  8. The Runaway Elephant

Bonus Features


  • The DVD features an advertisement for other UK Thomas and Friends videos and DVDs.


  • The description for Fergus Breaks the Rules says that Fergus returned to become the pride of the smelters, but he is the pride of the Cement Works.