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"*Yawns* Ready to go?
*Yawns* I don't think so Ryan.
— Ryan and Daisy

Ryan and Daisy is the seventh (eighth in Australia) episode of the twentieth season.


Sir Topham Hatt is pleased with the work that Ryan and Daisy have been doing on the Arlseburgh line and decides to give them extra duties; Ryan to help Toby take trucks from Anopha Quarry to Harwick and Daisy to take the mail before her first passenger run, as well as working later. He decides to address the two at Arlesburgh West, but only finds Ryan, as Daisy is currently having a lie-in. Ryan promises to tell her when he next sees her.

When the two engines next meet, Ryan tries to tell Daisy about her new jobs, but Daisy insists that she could never pull a mail truck and insists Ryan delivers the mail instead. Ryan is reluctant, but when Daisy flatters him, claiming he is well suited for the job, he immediately agrees. Delivering the mail, however, makes Ryan late for helping Toby. The tram engine accepts Ryan's apology, but kindly urges him to be on time the next day.

As Ryan delivers the quarry trucks, he notices Daisy heading back to her shed and tries to remind her that she is supposed to be working later. Daisy again asks Ryan if he can do her jobs, once again insisting on how useful he'd be. Ryan immediately agrees and takes some coaches to Arlesburgh West, where The Fat Controller is waiting. He compliments the tank engine on doing a good job, but admits to being surprised to see him and not Daisy, mentioning that he intends to extend her passenger run down to Knapford. Ryan once again promises to pass the message along, but when he returns for the evening, Daisy is already asleep and Ryan is too tired to try waking her up.

With Daisy still asleep the next morning, Ryan decides to do the passenger and mail runs for her again. Unfortunately, all the extra jobs have made him very tired and he begins making mistakes. He insists that the workmen couple the mail truck in front of him, but he is unable to see clearly and runs through a red signal, nearly crashing into Duck. Then, as he approaches Knapford after delivering the mail, he notices he is running late to help Toby and rushes off to the Quarry without stopping to let off his passengers. He arrives at the quarry with his coaches, feeling silly, whilst Toby and his stranded passengers are very cross.

The Fat Controller is cross too, but not with Ryan. He demands an explanation from Daisy as to why she didn't do the run to Knapford or deliver the mail like he'd asked her to. Daisy explains she didn't know about the former and insists Ryan wanted to do the latter to help her. The Fat Controller explains that he gave the two engines the line to run together and that they were supposed to help one another; whilst he understands Ryan's eagerness to help Daisy, Daisy should have done the same. Daisy apologises to Ryan for being a bad friend and The Fat Controller decides to have her do Ryan's quarry run instead. Daisy is horrified, but eventually relents. The next morning, she heads off early whilst Ryan lies-in. As she leaves, the tank engine calls out to her that she's a good friend. Daisy says she knows, but adds in a whisper that she thinks Ryan is a good friend too.




  • Steven Kynman takes over the role of Ryan from Eddie Redmayne and Tracy-Ann Oberman takes over the role of Daisy from Teresa Gallagher in both dubs.
  • This marks several firsts for the series:
    • The first full appearance of Arlesburgh West station, now with a walkway bridge and standard gauge station and the first time it has been referred to by its proper name.
    • The first episode since the eighteenth season episode Toad's Bright Idea where Thomas appears, but doesn't speak.
    • The first appearance of the Arlesdale Railway in an episode. Although, Bert is the only Arlesdale engine to appear in the episode.
    • The first appearance of Harwick and the Arlesburgh Maritime Museum.
    • The first time Daisy is a main character since the fourth season episode Bulls Eyes.
  • A quote from the second season episode Daisy is used.


  • When Ryan is at Harwick, in the shots from his right side, his running board is higher than the platform but in shots from his left side, his running board is lower than it.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ライアンとデイジー Ryan and Daisy
Polish Rysio i Dorotka Ryan and Daisy
Spanish Ryan y Daisy Ryan and Daisy
Romanian Ryan şi Daisy Ryan and Daisy
Hebrew ריאן ודייזי Ryan and Daisy
Dutch Ryan en Daisy Ryan and Daisy