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"You've never been on a ship?"
"No. There's diabolical dangers at sea, Thomas. Giant squids! Terrifying sea snakes! Razor-toothed sea monsters!
— Thomas and Salty

Salty All At Sea is the seventh (tenth in Australia) episode of the nineteenth season.


Brendam Docks is usually very busy and the engines are rushed off their wheels. But sometimes the docks are quiet, which gives Salty the chance to tell stories.

One day, he begins to tell Porter about the Giant Squid of Sodor, to Cranky's annoyance. Thomas arrives with the Fat Controller, who has a special assignment for Salty. He is to go to the mainland and help out at one of the docksides, as they are short of an engine. As the Vicarstown Bridge is under repairs, the only way to the mainland is by sea. Salty suddenly becomes very nervous and tries to persuade the Fat Controller that he is too busy to leave Brendam. But the controller's mind is made up and he orders Cranky to lift Salty onto a nearby boat destined for the mainland. But Cranky notices that Salty has suddenly disappeared. Edward arrives and notices that his trucks have disappeared too.

Salty shunts Edward's trucks all the way to Wellsworth and leaves them on a siding. He sees some passengers on the platform complaining about their train running late, so he uses an old coach to pick them up. Later when Thomas arrives, the stationmaster tells him that the passengers have already gone. Salty makes his way to Knapford with Thomas' passengers, where James and Gordon are very surprised to see him. But Salty hurries away before he has a chance to explain.

Salty desperately looks for another job to keep himself busy, but he ends up in a goods shed near Tidmouth Sheds. Thomas finally catches up and asks him why he is not happy about his special job. Salty admits that he has never travelled by sea before and that there are lots of scary monsters at sea. But Thomas reminds him that he is always making up stories like the time he told a story of the flatbeds of fear and the time he told a story of the monster of Brendam and they come to the conclusion that Salty's imagination is making him think the sea will be scary.

The next morning, Cranky lifts Salty and lowers him onto the ship. The Fat Controller and Thomas bid farewell, but Salty is still very nervous about the sea. As the ship sets sail, Salty slowly realises that the sea is not so bad and begins to enjoy his trip after all.

A few weeks later, Salty returns to the docks and begins to tell everyone about his journey to the mainland. He claims to have seen lots of monsters such as giant sharks, whirlpools of doom and an octopus that eats engines.


A disgruntled passenger also speaks. He is voiced by Keith Wickham in both dubs.







  • When Thomas says "Have a wonderful trip!", Annie is facing the wrong way.
  • When Salty moves across the Suspension Bridge, his coach changes from a brake coach to a composite coach.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ソルティーはうみをいく Salty Goes to the Sea
Spanish Salty en Altamar / Salty viaja por mar Salty in High Seas / Salty Travels by the Sea
Polish Bosman na statku Salty on Board
Russian Морское путешествие Cruise
Dutch Heeft Salty Watervrees? Salty Has Hydrophobia?
Hungarian Salty és a tenger Salty and the Sea
Serbian Solti u moru Salty in the Sea
Romanian Salty la mare Salty at Sea
Czech Salty na moři Salty on the Sea
Portuguese Salty vai ao mar Salty Goes Overboard
Norwegian Salty seiler sin egen sjø Salty Sails His Own Sea
French La sortie en mer The Sea Trip
Slovenian Slavko na morju Salty at Sea
Korean 솔티와 바다 Salty and the Sea

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