The fifteenth season of the television series aired during March 2011 in the UK and between April and June in the US. There are a total of twenty episodes.


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Original UK
release date
Episode number #
GordonandFerdinand31 "Gordon and Ferdinand" 1st March 2011 #01
Gordon is embarrassed to be seen with Ferdinand whilst delivering the Lion of Sodor.
TobyAndBash60 "Toby and Bash" 2nd March 2011 #02
Toby tries to find Bash a home on Sodor, but Bash misses his friends on Misty Island.
EmilyandDash72 "Emily and Dash" 3rd March 2011 #03
Emily has to escort Dash to a steam fair, but thoughtlessly leaves him behind.
Percy'sNewFriends90 "Percy's New Friends" 4th March 2011 #04
After his friends say they are too busy to play, Percy decides to make friends with the animals on Sodor.
EdwardTheHero84 "Edward the Hero" 7th March 2011 #05
Edward wants to be a hero like Harold.
JamestotheRescue67 "James to the Rescue" 8th March 2011 #06
James refuses to work with Toby as the rescue engine, but soon regrets his decision.
HappyHiro55 "Happy Hiro" 9th March 2011 #07
Hiro is feeling homesick, so Thomas tries to cheer him up by taking him to Misty Island.
Up,UpandAway!28 "Up, Up and Away!" 10th March 2011 #08
Thomas and Percy deliver Mr. Bubbles' giant balloon.
Henry'sHappyCoal50 "Henry's Happy Coal" 11th March 2011 #09
'Arry and Bert tease Henry about using special coal.
LetItSnow91 "Let it Snow" 14th March 2011 #10
Whilst collecting logs for an animal shelter, Thomas sings the Misty Island Snow Song in hopes of making it snow.
SurpriseSurprise93 "Surprise, Surprise" 15th March 2011 #11
Thomas tries to hold a Christmas party at the Sodor Steamworks for his friends, but does not tell Victor.
SpencertheGrand8 "Spencer the Grand" 16th March 2011 #12
Spencer disobeys orders and tries to puff to the Duke and Duchess of Boxford's Summer House in the fog.
StopthatBus!67 "Stop that Bus!" 17th March 2011 #13
Thomas takes Bertie on a tour, but Bertie has to pick up Dowager Hatt and her friends.
StuckonYou46 "Stuck on You" 18th March 2011 #14
Thomas and Butch do not listen to Victor's instructions, so they do not know how to work Butch's new magnet.
BigBelle43 "Big Belle" 21st March 2011 #15
Belle's attempts to be friends with Toby only frighten the steam tram away.
KevintheSteamie46 "Kevin the Steamie" 22nd March 2011 #16
Kevin practices shunting so that he can take part in Thomas and Percy's game.
WonkyWhistle17 "Wonky Whistle" 23rd March 2011 #17
Thomas rushes off before his whistle can be properly fixed and scares Farmer McColl's animals.
PercytheSnowman45 "Percy the Snowman" 24th March 2011 #18
Thomas promises to take a depressed Percy to pick up Sir Topham Hatt, but whilst Thomas is finishing his jobs, he only succeeds in covering Percy in snow.
TreeTrouble65 "Tree Trouble" 25th March 2011 #19
The diesels and Thomas compete to find the best Christmas tree for the Steamworks and Dieselworks.
FieryFlynn17 "Fiery Flynn" 28th March 2011 #20
Flynn tries to impress the diesels with his bravado with potentially disastrous results.



Characters Introduced

Half hour format

When season 15 aired on PBS in the US and Nick Jr. in the UK, each broadcast airs two episodes, a song & a Down at the Station segments.

Exciting Friends

Kindness with Friends

  • Percy's New Friends
  • Song: All You Need
  • Emily and Dash

Learning Together

  • James to the Rescue
  • Song: Go, Go Thomas
  • Down at the Station: The Steam Engine
  • Happy Hiro

Happy Engines

  • Henry's Happy Coal
  • Song: Go, Go Thomas
  • Down at the Station: Coal
  • Edward the Hero

Fun in the Snow

  • Let it Snow
  • Song: TBA
  • Percy the Snowman

Helping Each Other

  • Stop that Bus!
  • Song: Roll Along
  • Down at the Station: Passengers
  • Spencer the Grand

Laughing Together

  • Big Belle
  • Song: Go, Go Thomas!
  • Stuck on You

Slow Down!

  • Wonky Whistle
  • Song: Hear the Engines Coming
  • Down at the Station: Going Backwards
  • Up, Up and Away!

Special Times

  • Surprise, Surprise
  • Song: TBA
  • Tree Trouble

Being Useful

  • Kevin the Steamie
  • Song: Hear the Engines Coming
  • Down at the Station: Fireman
  • Fiery Flynn


UK and AUS

  • Michael Angelis as the narrator
  • Ben Small as Thomas, Toby and Ferdinand
  • Teresa Gallagher as Emily, Rosie, Belle, Mavis, Lady Hatt and the Ginger-haired Boy
  • Keith Wickham as Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Whiff, Dash, Salty, Den, Harold, Captain, Sir Topham Hatt, Dowager Hatt, Mr. Bubbles and the Railway Coal Inspector
  • Matt Wilkinson as Spencer, Stanley, Charlie, Bash, Victor, Cranky, Kevin, Farmer McColl, the Duke of Boxford, the Maithwaite Stationmaster and the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre Manager
  • Rupert Degas as Den (Fiery Flynn only), Dart, Flynn, Bertie and Butch
  • Togo Igawa as Hiro
  • Kerry Shale as Diesel, 'Arry, Bert and Norman
  • William Hope as the Steamworks Worker and the Farm Hands

US and CAN

  • Michael Brandon as the narrator, Diesel and Mr. Bubbles
  • Martin Sherman as Thomas and Percy
  • Jules de Jongh as Emily, Rosie, Mavis and Lady Hatt
  • William Hope as Edward, Toby, Whiff, Bash, Rocky, the Duke of Boxford, the Maithwaite Stationmaster, the Steamworks Worker and the Farm Hands
  • Kerry Shale as Henry, Gordon, James, Dash, 'Arry, Bert, Norman, Harold, Kevin, Sir Topham Hatt, and the Railway Coal Inspector
  • Keith Wickham as Salty, Den, Captain and Dowager Hatt
  • Ben Small as Stanley
  • Teresa Gallagher as Belle and the Ginger-haired Boy
  • Rupert Degas as Den (Fiery Flynn only), Dart, Flynn and Bertie
  • Togo Igawa as Hiro
  • David Bedella as Victor
  • Glenn Wrage as Spencer, Charlie, Ferdinand, Cranky, Butch and the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre Manager


  • This season was supposed to be shown after Day of the Diesels, but was brought forwards for unknown reasons.
  • This season marks the first of a few things:
    • Butch's first speaking role in the television series.
    • Trevor's first appearance in full CGI.
    • Arlesdale End, Castle Loch, the Fishing Village and Wellsworth's first appearances in full CGI.
    • The first and only season to have Rupert Degas as Butch in the UK. Matt Wilkinson later took over this role in the sixteenth season.
    • The first season to have Rupert Degas as part of the voice cast.
    • The first season with Season 20 being the second not to have Thomas' name titled in any of the episodes.
    • The first and only season to date, where Thomas, Gordon and Percy have more roles than the rest of the Steam Team.
  • This season marks the last of a few things:
    • The last season in which Christopher Skala was executive producer.
    • The last season in which Jo Jordan was creative producer.
    • The last season to have Jukka Voutilaninen voice Hiro in the Finnish dub.
  • Percy's whistle now budges up and down when he uses it.
  • Jules de Jongh is mentioned in the UK credits despite not having a role.
  • On Netflix UK, this series was listed as being season 13. The mistake was later corrected.
  • In Finland, this season was shown on the website MTV Juniori before airing on television.

Behind the Scenes

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