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"Engines don't swim, Henry - you were meant to deliver fish, not swim with them. You should know that by now."
— Sir Topham Hatt scolding Henry

Something in the Air is the fifteenth episode of the fifth season It aired third the airing of Storytime with Thomas on the US.


Thomas is at the quayside and is about to take vans full of fish to Brendam Docks for Henry's train, "The Flying Kipper". The start of his trip to Brendam is delayed by a crate of fish falling onto him. As he travels along the Coastal Run, he is furthered delayed by a man who informs him and his crew about some tracks eroded from high tides. While the tracks were safe enough for Thomas, they couldn't bare the weight of a heavy engine like Henry. The guard places a red lamp pole by the damaged track as a warning spot, and once Thomas arrives at Brendam Docks, Henry does not listen to Thomas' warnings and leaves before the signalman can be warned. In a rush, Henry can't find where he is going due to the fog, and once he does, he puffs straight into the sea and has to stay there all night until he is rescued. When Henry is back on the rails, Thomas comes to take him away for a wash down and Henry apoligizes for being rude to him. Thomas then jokes with Henry about the whole adventure.




  • Some TUGS models can be seen in this episode.
  • A faceless repainted Bulstrode model can be seen when Henry reaches the Coastal Track.
  • This episode marks the last appearance of "The Flying Kipper" until the sixteenth season episode Whiff's Wish, excluding two stock footage appearances in the seventh season.
  • After Cranky teases Henry, the line "Pah!, hissed Henry" is omitted in the Alec Baldwin narration.


  • When Thomas says "I can't help it, it's the fish", the steam appears forward, then is played backwards, then played forwards again, meaning that the film was cut, but edited.
  • After Henry reaches the fog, he loses two vans.
  • Before Henry falls into the sea, his brakes are applied and his wheels stop moving, but when he runs into the sea, his wheels are moving again.
  • When Thomas puffs away with Henry at the end of the episode, the puffing noise starts long before Thomas moves.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Algo Huele Muy Mal Something Smells Very Bad
Brazilian Portuguese Um Cheiro Estranho A Strange Smell
Dutch Frisse Lucht Fresh Air
German Henry Geht Baden Henry Goes Swimming
French Quelque Chose Dans L'Air / Henry va Nager (Québec) Something in the Air / Henry Goes Swimming (Canada)
Danish Noget i Luften Something in the Air
Norwegian Noe i Luften Something in the Air
Catalan Una Cose en L'aire Something in the Air
Italian Henry a Mollo Henry Soaking
Polish Coś w Powietrzu Something in the Air
Croatian Nešto je u Zraku Something in the Air
Japanese みどりのくじら A Green Whale
Welsh Drewdod Stench
Chinese 空中的某些东西 Something in the Air
Korean 물에 빠진 헨리 Drowning Henry
Hungarian Valami Van a Levegőben There's Something in the Air
Slovenian Nekaj Je v Zraku Something is in the Air
Romanian Se Simte Ceva în Aer He Felt Something in the Air
Russian Чем-то пахнет Something Smells
Slovak Niečo Je Vo Vzduchu Something is in the Air
Cantonese 空中的某些東西 Something in the Air
Swedish Det Ligger i Luften It's in the Air
Greek Κάτι στον αέρα Something in the Air
Thai เฮนรี่ตกน้ำ Henry Fall

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