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This article is about 'the Mayor of Sodor'. You may be looking for 'the Mayor of Wellsworth'.

The Mayor of Sodor is in charge of the Island.


The Mayor has attended many important events with the Fat Controller over the years such as the reopening of Great Waterton, the unveiling of the new Lion of Sodor statue, attending Dowager Hatt's party at Knapford and presenting the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre a new alarm bell.

Several different mayors have appeared in the magazine stories.


Railway Series

Television series


He had a role in the cancelled episode The Importance of Being Patrick.

Magazine stories

The Mayor of Sodor also appeared in the magazine stories, Boat Afloat, Daisy's Day, Special Passengers, and Spotty Spencer.

Voice Actors


  • According to a 2015 magazine story, the Mayor in the television series is actually the Mayor of Vicarstown.
  • He appears to be a very skilled ice-skater.

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