This article is about 'the magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the stationmaster'.
"The Special Stationmaster deserves a special home!"
— the engines

The Special Stationmaster! is a magazine story.


It was a very busy day on Sodor. The engines were busy transporting goods and passengers all over the Island. There was one station all of the engines like to visit because the stationmaster was so friendly. Even if the engines spilled their loads, he would always stay calm and cheerful. The engines affectionately called him "the Special Stationmaster".

One morning, Duck was taking an old, disused carriage to the scrapyard. On the way, he had to take a letter from the Fat Controller to the Special Stationmaster. The stationmaster opened and read the letter, looking sad. He explained to Duck that he was retiring and the Fat Controller had arranged for him to live in a house in Wellsworth. Duck did not understand why the Special Stationmaster was so sad. The stationmaster goes on to tell Duck that he will miss seeing all his engine friends pass his window every day.

When Duck arrived at the scrapyard, it was closed. The manager had mixed up the days that the coach was to be delivered. Duck returned to the Main Station yard where he told the other engines about the Special Stationmaster retiring. They were all sad as they went about their work. The Fat Controller went to see why the engines were not working so efficiently. The engines tell him all about the Special Stationmaster's sad situation. The Fat Controller does not know what to suggest; there are no station houses to spare. Duck makes a remark about wishing the coach was a house which gives the Fat Controller an idea.

He tells Duck to take the coach to the Works where it stayed until the Special Stationmaster's retirement. The Fat Controller then orders Duck to collect the coach. Everyone gasps as Duck pulls into the yard with the now splendid-looking coach. It was a new home for the Special Stationmaster. It was to be placed in a field near the Special Stationmaster's station. Everyone was pleased; the Special Stationmaster now has a special home.