"Fancy me carrying the bride! I'm a wedding engine!"
— Thomas

The Wedding Engine! is a magazine story about Thomas.


One bright morning, the Vicar called on the Fat Controller to inform him that there was to be a wedding at the church. The Fat Controller agrees that Thomas can collect the guests. Thomas was cleaned until his paintwork sparkled in the sun and he puffed proudly out of the Main Station yard.

At the Big Harbour, Thomas saw a big ship by the quayside. He watched as loads of smartly-dressed wedding guests walked down the gangplank and boarded Annie and Clarabel. Thomas was very excited as he chuffed through the countryside; he had never been to a wedding before. Thomas stopped at a station near the church to let the passengers off. The church bells began to ring as a big, long car with a white ribbon pulled up by the church. Thomas' driver explained that the wedding car plays a very important role in the wedding as it transports the bride to the ceremony.

Thomas waited in a siding for the wedding to finish. He had to take the guests to a party afterwards. Finally, the now married couple emerge from the church. Guests threw confetti over the couple as a photographer took photos. Meanwhile, the driver of the wedding car went to start it, but the motor would not work. The bride was waiting to be taken to the reception at a hotel in Wellsworth. The bride was very disappointed to learn that the wedding car had broken down. Thomas' driver had an idea and spoke to the Vicar who phoned the Fat Controller. Soon everything was arranged. The white ribbon was untied from the wedding car and fixed onto Thomas instead. The Vicar tells the bride that Thomas will take her to the reception. Thomas was very proud to be carrying the bride.



  • Although the church in the final illustration looks like (and is probably meant to be) the church where the bride and groom got married, it cannot be as it is too close to the station.