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Toby and the Stout Gentleman and Thomas in Trouble is a Ladybird book based on the first season episodes Toby and the Stout Gentleman and Thomas in Trouble. It is illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Toby is an old steam tram. He does not look like a steam engine, but he is one and is cheerful and kind to everyone he meets. However, due to cars and lorries, Toby has less work to do. Toby then meets the stout gentleman (who is really Sir Topham Hatt) with his family. They visit and ride in him every day, until they have to go. Toby has less work and fewer passengers, until his line closes down. Toby is left in the shed sad and alone...

Meanwhile, the Fat Controller has returned to his railway only to find that Thomas is in trouble with the police because he has no cowcatchers or sideplates. The Fat Controller comes down and argues with the policeman, but it is no good. Then, the Fat Controller thinks of Toby and his cowcatchers and sideplates. He sends for him at once, and Toby is set to work on Thomas' branchline. Thomas was jealous at first, but when Toby rings his bell and scares the policeman, Thomas and Toby become fast friends.



  • Photographs from Toby and the Stout Gentleman, Thomas in Trouble and Dirty Objects are used.
  • A cassette tape narrated by Ringo Starr was included with some of the books.